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Ranch promotes healing for youth and horses

Ranch promotes healing for youth and horses

Zuma’s Rescue Ranch may have started out to help horses, but it’s a great place for young people to find help and good health, too.

The ranch in unincorporated Douglas County near Chatfield State Park provides a fresh start for the horses who wind up there and for the youth who are assigned to work with them. Horses are often taken to Zuma after they’ve been mistreated — which is, unfortunately, something a lot of teens also experience.

So, at Zuma, youth are paired with horses that both challenge and reward them.

“It gives the horse a reason to say that finally there’s something good about this human race,” said Paul Messenich, president and board of directors for Zuma’s Rescue Ranch.

If you’d like to check out one of Zuma’s youth-and-horse therapy programs, click here and here.

Elements of this article were taken from an article written by BraveTracks Contributor Clayton Woullard for To read the full article click here.

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