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Run government for a week

Run government for a week

Here’s your chance to learn the legislative process by being a part of it.

Coming up Nov. 25-27 is the Colorado YMCA Youth in Government Program. Its purpose is to help high school students have a hands-on learning experience that focuses on governmental organization and structure. Participants will drive a mock legislative process.

With the support of a school advisor, students will participate in a one-day overview, the pre-legislative assembly and a three-day general assembly.  The general assembly will be held at the Colorado State Capitol.  Throughout the general assembly, student participants assume the roles of state senators, house representatives, lobbyists, pages and journalists. They’ll draft bills, discuss them in committees and debate them on the floors of the state senate and house chambers.

Track what happens with this annual program on Facebook.

To register, or for more information, click here. Apply soon.

To get a sense of what the youth in government program is about, check out this video here.



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