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Hit the books this summer–as a library volunteer

Hit the books this summer–as a library volunteer

Public libraries are great places to hang out.

No, seriously.

You honestly don’t have to sit, reading in silence for hours on end. Your local library is filled with volunteer-service opportunities that will give you a chance to gain some great work experience and perspective. Library volunteers meet people from all walks of life. They can get kids excited about learning and reading. They can assist people researching a dizzying array of topics. They have easy access to incredible collections of books, films and other media.

For an idea of how volunteer service at a library might work for you — and for your community — check out Denver Public Library’s Teen Volunteer Program. The program enrolls young people ages 12-18. One person who shared his personal story about volunteering is Asa Erlendson. Check out what he wrote for the Denver Public Library’s website:

“What the library stands for drew me to be a volunteer: sharing, community, culture, freedom of thought and equal access to information. The public library is free and makes available so many different types of information (as well as accompanying perspectives on that information). To me, a library branch is a sort of hub for the community where people can begin to make connections: with other people, between ideas and the practice of those ideas, and even between communities. Oh, and there’s internet access, too.”

Contact your local library to inquire about volunteer positions.

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