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Don’t believe the (college) hype

If you’re trying to figure out where you’d like to study after high school, we’ve got a book for you to check out. It’s titled, Colleges That Change Lives, and it’s by the late journalist Loren Pope, who worked for long time as an education editor for the New York Times and as an advocate for students. Learn more from BraveTracks’ Teen Advisor Caroline Meserve.

Mr. Pope, who died in 2008, didn’t just write a book. He spawned an entire movement led by a nonprofit that’s also called Colleges That Change Lives. At their core is his unwavering believe in the importance of a student-centered college search process. Got that? Student-centered. That means the most important part of this search is you. Not the the university and what its name might mean to your friends and parents and your parents’ friends. This is about your needs and interests. This is about you having a clear understanding of how what matters most to you in life “fits” with the mission and identity of an individual college community.

Change Lives, Inc., holds free workshops across the country aimed at debunking myths about the perceived importance of name and prestige when selecting a school and the rumored limitations in college choice, and at clarifying commonly-held misperceptions about the college admissions process.


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